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CHARACTERS; England, Sealand
SUMMARY; Father's Day is understandably one of England's least favorite holidays. This year, something breaks his routine.

England did not like Father's Day.

This probably stemmed from the fact that it was a day during which he had to endure a kick in the shins and being called a shit parent by every former colony of his. Or perhaps it was because it seemed as if no one else shared this problem - even France spent the day in Canada and Seychelles' company.

It certainly wasn't because it bothered him. Nor because he didn't have any plans, or cards, or gifts. Absolutely not because America would rather spend the day in the company of a dead man's tombstone than with him.

If he chose to spend this particular day at home, holed up in his library with a worn volume of Dickens, it had nothing to do with the holiday and everything to do with the desire to spend some quiet time away from his idiotic neighbors.

As such, it was a complete surprise when the door slammed open to reveal...no one, upon first glance. Leaning over the high arms of his chair, England saw a very sullen Sealand standing in his doorway with something behind his back.

"What are you doing all the way back here? Why couldn't you be in the kitchen where it'd be easier to find you?"

"I'm not going to go placing myself around my own house for your convenience - and it would do you well to learn to knock before traipsing about!"

Sealand pulled a face at him, and he got out of his chair to throw the little brat out. Like hell he'd let Sealand get a kick in too. He still had some pride left.

Before the plan could be put into action, a clumsily wrapped package was shoved into his face. England made an undignified noise and managed to bat the thing out of his eyes and into his hands.

"I'm not giving you this because it's Father's Day, got it? I made Sweden too many and they spoil fast. That's all."

The micronation suddenly looked uncomfortable being in the room. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he turned to make a quick escape.

A hand on his shoulder stopped Sealand from getting very far. Without a word he was engulfed in one of the saddest hugs he'd ever received. The package clattered to the floor as England knelt to his level, wordlessly pulling him tighter. He frowned, wrapping his arms around England's neck.

"Hey, are you crying? Why are you crying? Stop that, you jerk. You're not allowed to cry while I'm here."

Maybe he wasn't such a shitty parent after all.

And this concludes my Father's Day contribution. I really love the Sealand/England relationship, I wish more people would explore it. It's got so much amazing potential.

By the way. America's dead man is George Washington, who I firmly believe he considered his father.
Tags: ⇒ fandom: hetalia, ♬ character: england, ♬ character: sealand
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