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CHARACTERS; America, Canada
SUMMARY; America takes his losses hard. Canada understands.

"That was an amazing game. You really did your best out there."

America does not look up from his seat on the bench, and Canada shifts awkwardly. It was a sincere compliment, but somehow the words feel like a slap in the face. When his brother finally stands to address him, he has eyes only for the shining gold medal around his neck.

"No, it wasn't."

His words and sharp and clipped, betraying the barely repressed disgust lurking under the surface. Without a single congratulation America turns on his heel and storms out of the rink, gone the way of his team.

Canada bites his lip and briefly contemplates going after him, but his own teammates have caught up to him and engulf him in a whirlwind of giddy joy. The losers are forgotten for the time being; now is his moment in the spotlight, his time to celebrate as loudly as he could.

Many others say that America is the worst loser, bar none. They point to this as just another example in an already tiresomely sized list, made even worse by who the victor was.

You're his brother they tell Canada, shaking their heads in secondhand embarrassment. He should at least try not to blame you.

This is where Canada cannot help but laugh, because how much wronger could they be? It was painfully evident that they didn't know America at all, that they could misconstrue such a crucial detail of his being, a trait he shares with all his athletes.

America never blames anyone but himself. The anger, the disgust, is never directed anywhere but at himself. In his mind, he could always have been faster, smarter, better.

So it was with no surprise that Canada found the hockey rink occupied by a practice group of one the next day. He could only sigh as he watched his brother run himself close to death with another drill, another pass, another lap around the ice.

He knew that nothing he said would convince him to come away until he'd pushed himself to collapse. All he could offer was a water bottle, quietly placed on the bench where his silver medalists had huddled the night before, already a lifetime away.

And, more than likely, America would blow away everyone in Sochi. After all, he never came to be less than the best.

I feel like the only person who wasn't happy with Canada's win, although it was completely deserved. So I wrote this, and I feel better now. ♥
Tags: ⇒ fandom: hetalia, ♬ character: america, ♬ character: canada
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